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This is as well as a detailed set of options and settings in the theme control panel. Fashion Blog, how to speed up wordpress Handicraft and Ohana are currently available on GitHub; you can learn more about each theme there and check out exactly how they were set up. Now you will set the username and password that you will use to log into your new WordPress website.

  • Switch to HTTPS for HTTP2 Protocol support
  • Make the necessary changes
  • Fully supports PHP 4.3+ in addition to 5.x
  • Php.ini Option
  • Scroll down to Account Management section
  • On the first screen, you will select the site language
  • Dashboard supports advanced customization
  • Press Install button

Panel will auto-fill the generated password for you. This means that if you want to sell items from your site or build a community around your website, you will have no trouble getting up and running with these two tools. For those of you who want to sell products online, whether that’s physical items like gaming accessories or digital downloads such as gaming guides and eBooks, CrystalSkull has full ecommerce compatibility. This can mean the difference between a site that loads in under 1 second and one that feels like its crawling.

However, if there’s anything about this theme and your website you’d like to change, that’s not a problem either. There’s also a useful selection of custom widgets, making it easy to populate your sidebars and other areas with interesting content. There are countless add-ons for the free bbPress plugin, making it a powerful and extendable tool for creating your own online community.

By activating the free WooCommerce plugin, you can easily list your products, manage the inventory, and collect payments from your customers. You can simply install the theme files then use the one-click importer to get your WordPress-powered gaming website online. Whether you want to create a gaming news blog, a reviews site or build an online community for gamers, the CrystalSkull theme has everything you need to get started. For Google analytics, you don’t need to create a new profile.

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