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Why You Need a Rugged Tablet for Your Field Workers

According to VDC Research, the rugged tablet market is expected to reach almost $1 billion by 2022, growing by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7 percent. The Windows 10 and x86 processor architectures have traditionally led in market share, but Android is now making inroads due to its support for enterprise workloads. Rugged tablets are set to become core equipment in the field worker’s toolbox, as businesses seek to create more seamless digital workflows in industries such as utilitiespublic safetytransportationlogisticsmanufacturing and the military.

For these industries, and for field workers in general, rugged devices offer a number of advantages. Here’s a look at how rugged tablets are improving productivity and streamlining operations in a variety of industries:

Transportation Industry Gains Logistics and Performance Insights

Today, rugged devices not only allow fleet managers to track HOS, driving habits and behavior behind the wheel, they also make it easy for drivers to complete Electronic Visual Inspection Reports and other tasks around the truck.

A rugged tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro can handle the elements, including rain and dust, as well as the vibrations of the road. And with biometric security — plus a motion-sensing and capacitive-touch S Pen — drivers can conveniently use the device while wearing gloves.

Warehouse Management Seeks Rugged Devices

Warehouse management and operations have used mobile devices to help with a number of tasks, including inventory tracking, consolidation and shipping. But more warehouse managers are now looking to upgrade their legacy mobile solutions for greater flexibility.

Rugged devices built to work in harsh environments are increasingly appealing to warehouse IT decision makers. According to Ivanti and VDC Research, nonrugged devices have a failure rate of 19.8 percent, compared to rugged devices’ 3.8 percent. Device failure costs an average of 30-40 minutes’ worker downtime.

Airlines Take Off With Rugged Tablets

Maintenance is a critical cost component for airlines. Flight delays are costly. By using maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) software, airlines and maintenance contractors can better manage the process across their fleets. To support a digital MRO solution, a rugged mobile device needs to withstand drops, shocks, vibrations, rain, dust and freezing temperatures.

Enabling Asset Management in Any Environment

Tracking assets and equipment in enterprise is a constant challenge. That goes double for businesses with extreme environments, heavy-duty manufacturing or large remote workforces.

Often, the wear and tear on expensive capital investments is even higher for them, and consumer-grade technology can’t stand up to conditions in the field. For smarter asset management, the Tab Active Pro paired with IBM’s Maximo Anywhere solution lets enterprises equip their workforce with tools that better track equipment and reduce the cost and complexities of daily operations — even in extreme heat, cold or other inclement conditions.

Protecting Public and Private Data

Public safety agencies have embraced handheld and wrist-worn devices, including smartphones and tablets in the field. While many devices now feature IP68 certification, indicating a level of protection against water and dust, most are still vulnerable to drops.

The Tab Active Pro has been tested against the MIL-STD-810G standard in addition to IP68 certification, ensuring the durability and ruggedness needed for public safety use cases. And with solutions like Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) containerization and biometric authentication technology, first responders can be confident that sensitive data remains accessible to those who need it and protected from those who don’t.

Ruggedized Push-to-Talk (PTT) Smartphones

Frontline workers have long relied on two-way radios for voice communications. When the pressure is on, they simply don’t have time to open the dialer app and tap in a number. Smart Push-to-Talk (PTT) integrations allow XCover Pro users to initiate group conversations instantly, just like a walkie talkie. The XCover Pro’s programmable button can be configured to activate two-way or group conversations. PTT integrations on the XCover Pro will include the new Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie functionality.

Deploying mPOS in Your Restaurant

Deploying mPOS in a restaurant doesn’t require deep technical expertise or a large upfront investment. Many POS service providers offer mobile options to add to your existing system, with intuitive apps that can run on just about any smartphone or tablet. But when it comes to choosing mobile devices for a busy restaurant, not all devices are created equal.

For restaurant chains planning a large-scale mPOS rollout, device management and security are key.

Benefit Utility Workers

Utility fieldwork is one of the toughest, most demanding jobs in Middle East. Outdoor working conditions can be rough, the hours long and the pressure is always on to get the job done.

When operating in the field, the need for accurate communications and effective information-sharing is paramount. Utility field managers have to know where their crews are and what they are doing at all times. Field crews need to stay in constant communication and respond to calls for help immediately.

And it’s not just when the sun’s out and outside jobs are regularly scheduled. In extreme weather conditions — dust, heat, high winds — and following disasters that destroy critical infrastructure in the blink of an eye, the demands of utility fieldwork jump exponentially.

As the number of mobile workers continues to expand across industries, more will be turning to field worker technology to improve worker productivity, lower costs and improve data collection and insights. Rugged devices that can handle being in the field are a critical component.


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